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Parent Testimonials

“I cannot praise Ms. Olivia enough. My son, Alim, started attending her daycare at 2 and to say I saw an immediate change in his social and intellectual capabilities would be an understatement. Our personal interactions grew by leaps and bounds because of Ms. Olivia’s specially tailored curriculum, patience, and structure. I believe this daycare changed the trajectory of Alim’s life for the better, and has prepared him academically for school.” ~ Anita Thompson ~

“Livey’s Day Care , is an amazing day care for children infant-12. Olivia helps the kids learn a lot of things and teach them right from wrong , giving them educational problems and worksheets to solve to build their intellectual milestone. She works with children so well. I enjoy working with her.” ~ Imani Harvey ~

“In my experience with working with Livey’s Day Care was a wonderful time with the children. I loved the curriculum, and the joy of the children engaging in the music, and educational sessions, and just the desire to learn.  It truly is a wonderful environment for children to grow within the themselves, and molded into intelligent individuals.” ~Andrea Robinson -Harvey ~ 

“I am continuously impress with my wife’s patience with the young ones. I have watched how that is patience is guarded into a respect from the children.   Enabling a positive and fun learning environment. Boy how the love the Music hour.” ~ William Statom ~

“The past two years have been great with Mrs. Olivia Statom. She takes care of our two kids like they are hers and always does things in their best interest. We could not have asked for better care for them at her very afforfable rates and plan to keep them under her care for as long as possible. Thank you for all you do.” ~ Uchenna Aginam ~

“Livia’s Family Daycare is more than a daycare for my great-grand daughter; it is a second home. My great-grand daughter loves the other children, they know each other and have fun playing together. Olivia has patience and is a loving person. She takes time to know each child individually, their wants, their needs and their little personality. She is so creative with her teachings and is always preparing new activity for them to try. The kids love the sing-a-long activities and they actually knows the songs, “That’s good teaching”.Livia’s Family Daycare is the best peace of mind a parent can have, I can go on my way knowing that she is in capable hands and that when she gets picked up she will have thoroughly enjoyed her day. I could not ask for more in a daycare! Thank you!” Olivia has a dedication to her daycare, she’s always there to greet the parents and receive their children.I wanted a licensed daycare provider in a home environment setting which could also provide structure and consistent routine for their development. Livia’s Family Daycare has all of that~ Betty Roseburough ~

My son has been with Olivia since he was 11 months old, and while he had a little trouble adjusting to being away from mommy, now I have to tear him away from daycare to go home! Now at 19 months, he counts to 11 and knows quite a few of his ABCs. He talks about the other kids when he’s not there and I am confident he’s in good hands. ~ Beth Hopper ~


  • 4904 Forest Creek Ct. Bowie, Maryland 20720
  • Phone: 301-805-6556 | Fax: 301-805-6907


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